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Making Prostates Stronger For Over A Decade!
Seeing a picture of white blood cells    
attacking a cancer cell can improve health
levels -- A lot depends on our point of view!

The primary defense system of our body really
does depend on the strength of fuzzy little immune
cells, and their ability to fight invading blob-shaped
infection cells. We can all benefit from slowing down
to look at the smaller pictures, as well as the bigger
because there is always a bigger picture.

Dozens of small decisions regarding health are
made each day. How important are these decisions?
If the immune system is strong, then small daily
decisions may be less important. If the immune
system is lowered, then changing lifestyle habits
can be much more important.

When the body slows down from a stressful pace
to a calm and assertive state, a series of healing
autonomous processes are initiated. This is called
Relaxation Response, it is simply the absence
of daily stress. Things
flow more easily, and more
is accomplished. Instead of investing huge amounts
of energy on defense, focus can be on regeneration:

This is the future of health!
Dr. Richard Schulze "Common Sense Health And
Healing" has helped thousands of folks get healthy
again. You don't have to follow all 20 of his steps.
Begin with just a few and see if you don't start to
feel better immediately. Always consult with as
many health professionals as possible!

1) Sip spring or mineral water through the daytime
2) Drink fresh juice - dilute with water for less sugar
3) Eat more live foods. Organic food has up to
times more nutrients, so it's cheaper
per nutrient!
4) Add more vegan foods, less animal products
5) Reduce toxins with powerful original antibiotics
like garlic, ginger, aloe, etc.
6) Cleanse with herbs, teas, and dark leafy greens
7) Breath deeply through the nose for more oxygen
8) Stretch, walk, and move around more
9) Use Hydrotherapy -- water over 104F degrees
10) Use more natural products
11) Wear more natural fiber clothing
12) Reduce television ingestion
13) Clean your house and give away unused stuff
14) Help others more
15) Like yourself more
16) Express yourself
17) Laugh more, it is "The best medicine"
18) Listen to your intuition
19) Listen to others
20) Love more, "It helps to heal most things"
This BLOG offers our customers and viewers
a way to experience the very highest peaks
of health -- Getting there and staying there.


Over the last thirty years, I have researched the vast
subject of health. I've studied from great teachers,
and read thousands of books and articles. During
my journey back to better health, there were many
discoveries. The
Prostate CradleTM  was one of those
discoveries. Somehow I figured out how to massage
thousands of men --
All at the same time!

Also, I discovered that right now it is possible for
many people to feel better than they ever imagined
Overflowing with unlimited energy until it
is almost too much!  
Simple steps to feeling better
can and do add up. Slight improvements in health
are usually worth taking a few extra steps, for a view
closer to the summit of health. If you are healthy, then
it is important to take steps to maintain your health.

Books can be a life line, a few have saved mine. Some
life saving favorite texts are listed on our
page. There has never been more information
available on historical medicines. I credit historical
medicines, like garlic, ginger, pomaganite, and
turmeric, the list goes on and on. These historical
medicines were helpful guides on my journey back
to better health. My doctor agreed that in most cases
they can be highly effective, but he couldn't prescribe
them to me. It is up to each one of us to do our own
research. Fortunately there are hundreds of great
books on health.  

What good is an unread book?

Therefore, I dare you to read at least twenty popular
books on health. And if you are now experiencing
health challenges, then read forty! Because I know if
you do, then you will discover a
convergence of basic
health information. There are many paths leading in
similar directions. A few routes may be misleading,
but the most time tested and well traveled paths are:

1) Stay hydrated with spring or mineral water
2) Enjoy good nutrition, fresh organic foods
3) Detoxify, de-chemicalize, clarify purpose
4) Exercise your mind, body, and spirit!
There are many shorter paths
to higher ground. For example:

When going for simple solutions, it doesn't get more
basic than breathing. Deep breathing feels great,
helps to reduce STRESS, and super charge the cells.
And it doesn't cost a thing! Try it right now -- What is
the downside? Most folks don't do it enough. In fact,
most people breathe only enough to maintain

A book called Emotional Intelligence describes using
the breath to break emotional cycles, including anger
and addictions. Take a deep breath or three, before
choosing how to respond, instead of reacting. This
simple technique helps to break action and reaction
cycle. Life is made of moments. How we react in each
moment is often one of the few things we can control.

Another book written 80 years ago by Dr. Israel
Regardie describes a method of deep breathing
to help focus thoughts, using a form of universal
prayer. The book is called  
The Art of True Healing.

Joy is 10 Hertz, a measurable brainwave frequency
and most easily accessed through deep breathing.
Nirvana is not necessarily found in a cave in Nepal!
Joy can be found in our heads, and hearts, and
prostates! Emotional states are measured by wave
frequency.  Daily stress is 20Hz.
No wonder stress
is exhausting, stress consumes twice as much
energy as Joy!

Anger and depression can be measured as high as
40Hz or more! Therefore, happiness can become a
matter of energy management and conservation.
With practice you can notice hertz levels in yourself
and others, then tune-in to joy using breath, prayer,
and meditation.

One of the largest threats
to prostate health:
Asteroid Impact.
(Yes, it is one of the LARGEST!)
If an asteroid hits the earth then you don't
have to worry about your prostate health!

But seriously, there are so many interesting
subjects on health that sometimes it's difficult to
know where to begin. Never has there been more
information available to more people about health.
Texts on our
Reference page are selected as some
of the very best books on health. This is a great
place to begin your journey.

For example: New research shows the relationships
you form with those close to you is one of the most
important health factors. Isn't that interesting?
Peace of mind is good for your health. Your mind
can be a great health ally -- or an adversary!

95% of all illness is caused or worsened by stress!
This means that right now you can feel better using
simple stress reduction exercises in order to live
each moment of life closer to the summit of health.

"Let food be your medicine,
and medicine your food."
- Hippocrates,
Father of western medicine
"You are 20 deep breaths
from a meditative state."
The first picture of the Earth taken from
space changed our global point of view.
The "Flower of Life" symbol appears
throughout the world from Egypt

to China. This complex symbol of
sacred geometry was etched into
stone temples with what appears

to be some kind of a laser device.  

"It ain't what you don't know that
gets you into trouble. It's what you
know for sure that just ain't so."
- Mark Twain