Safe, Easy & Effective Prostate Massage!
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Strengthen Your Prostate Muscle & Reflexes
The Prostate Cradle External Massager, developed by
Enviromax, based in Eagle River, Alaska, has been selling
on the Internet since last March, and the company is
struggling to keep up with orders!

"I developed the Prostate Cradle out of necessity to help
successfully deal with my enlarged prostate," Adam McVay,
of Enviromax, said. "The response has been overwhelmingly
positive." McVay explains that he was faced with a choice of
taking expensive prescription drugs, he searched for an
alternative and read about nutritional healing. As part of this
new lifestyle, McVay sought out a non-invasive prostate
massager, but could not find one; he began to research,
develop and design a practical and useful model of his own.
"It took years to find the right shape, size and materials,"
McVay said, "but, once the Cradle took form, it helped
massage my prostate back to health. It also improved the
health of my sex life, which was an added bonus."

The Prostate Cradle works using pressure from body weight
which can be focused and controlled on the massager. The
Cradle is placed on a chair or firm surface and the user sits
on the massager. This cradles and massages the crotch, or
perineum area between the testicles and tail bone. As well as
the pelvic floor muscle group, lymph glands, and the prostate
gland. Prostate stimulation can create pleasurable, tingling
sensations which travel up the spine for a feel-good
experience for men.

The Prostate Cradle is made from the high-quality pure
silicone. Over the years, many prototypes have been tested to
achieve an ideal form of correct universal size, shape, and
flexibility, to trigger specific acupressure points, while
avoiding others. Most men are expected to have some
type of prostate issue, if they live long enough, but
prostate massage can help.

"We need to defend ourselves." McVay said. "That means
powering-up our immune systems through nutrition, exercise,
and massage; massage can be used with all other forms of
therapy." Research studies report that prostate massage is
effective in reduction, and in some cases, curing prostate
issues without drugs or surgery. If caught early enough,
additional problems are preventable; it is common to have
an enlarged prostate before experiencing symptoms.

Enlarged prostates benefit from massage. The stimulation of
blood flow and an increase in oxygen to the gland helps rinse
the prostate of harmful bacteria and particles which build up
over time, and can lead to tumors. A 10-20 minute prostate
massage at least once a month, and as often as once a day
is important for healthy gland function.

Healthy prostates can also benefit from massage as
preventative therapy. The Prostate Cradle can act as a
"trainer" to discover the perineum or male G-spot area.

The Prostate Cradle works as a natural alternative to
prescription therapy by stimulating arousal periods
indefinitely. This can help to equal the sensual playing field
between partners. If a healthy prostate is massaged correctly
it can become super stimulated and feel like it is glowing.
Perhaps this is why ancient texts refer to the prostate
as "the gateway to the universe."

*  *  *

Enviromax Launches the First
“External Prostate Massager”
A Sensational Way to Help Millions of
Men Have Healthier Prostate Glands

Men finally have a non-invasive solution to increase
circulation, and “milk the prostate” to reduce suffering,
as recommended by hundreds of medical doctors.

Alaska (PRWEB) November 25, 2009 -- Most men are expected
to have some kind of prostate issue, and the longer they live,
the more they are at risk. But that’s just part of the story.
Doctors recommend prostate massage as preventative and
therapeutic. According to Enviromax, prostate massage is one
of the oldest and most beneficial therapies, and it has been
prescribed by medical doctors for centuries.

Since “necessity is the mother of invention”, the Prostate
Cradle was invented by a Certified Massage Therapist, Adam
McVay, who was inflicted with prostate health challenges. His
doctors recommended prostate massage therapy. However, at
the time the only prostate massagers available were invasive,
requiring uncomfortable rectum insertion.

Adam knew there had to be a better way. After ten years
of research, and guidance from medical doctors, Adam
developed the first anatomically correct, non-invasive
prostate massager.

The Prostate Cradle is easy to use, as users simply sit on it.
Body weight creates gentle pressure for a stimulating
massage. The Prostate Cradle provides preventative and
therapeutic benefits of “prostate milking” massage,
without being invasive.

As an additional benefit, the Prostate Cradle can train men to
discover hidden tantric acupressure points. A Cradle review
in the October 2008 issue of
Muscle and Fitness Magazine
says, “Prostate massage can cause more intense orgasms.”

*      *      *

Enviromax Announces The World’s
Softest Prostate Massager For
Powerful Peaks of Pleasure!

FAIRBANKS, Alaska, October 01, 2011

Seven years ago Enviromax created the world’s first
external prostate massager, the patented Prostate Cradle.
Now thousands of customers later, Enviromax has
done it again, revolutionizing prostate massage with a
patented new version they call the “Extra Soft.” Originally
designed for men with tender prostates, the Extra Soft
Prostate Cradle is 20% softer. This makes it the perfect
prostate beginner’s toy that experts also enjoy!

“External prostate massage is a hot topic, and the
Prostate Cradle is the center of attention” says the
product inventor Adam McVay, creator of the Prostate
Cradle and a Certified Massage Therapist. “The Cradle is
revolutionary because it is easy to use, so men use it more
often, and it even works over light clothing,” he stated.
Simply sitting on the Cradle stimulates an acupressure
point on the perineum area, known as the “Male G-spot.”
Some Enviromax customers claim to have had the best
orgasms of their lives, while using the Prostate Cradle!

The Cradle can be used for self massage or with a partner.
It can also help to even the sexual playing field between
partners. This can lead to greater feelings of intimacy and
connection. The prostate can be strengthened, so that
orgasmic waves of energy extend up the spine, and
throughout the body. The Cradle guide booklet reveals
many Tantra secrets, such as how to have different kinds
of orgasms, from more satisfying “quickies” to male
multiple orgasms, and “Super Orgasms” which may
last indefinitely!

The Cradle has received positive reviews from prestigious
publications including Muscle & Fitness Magazine, XBIZ
magazine, and AVN Magazine. Customer ranking for the
Cradle on Ebay and is still high
after many years!

The Cradle is environmental. The anatomically correct
shape does not require batteries, although bullet vibrators
may be inserted in the cushioning holes. Enviromax
products are made to last a longer lifetime, using patented
high-quality silicones that are phthalate-free. This means
no smelly chemical off-gassing.

Now men have a choice for external prostate massage:
The more stimulating original Prostate Cradle, and
the newly designed Extra Soft Prostate Cradle.

*      *      *
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Medical Devices and Research:
A Breakthrough In Prostate Massage!
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Making Prostates Stronger For Over A Decade!
Enviromax Announces Complete New Line
of Revolutionary External Prostate Massagers

Products that help men remove the prostate taboo
while increasing physical and sexual health

-- External prostate massage is a safe, easy, and fun way
for men to learn how to stimulate their prostate, says men's
health product manufacturer Enviromax.

"With our new product line, men simply sit on an external
prostate massager to increase circulation to their prostate,"
says Adam McVay, Owner/Inventor, at Enviromax.
"Increasing circulation has many health benefits according
to research studies conducted by prestigious universities
including Harvard Medical School. As an extra benefit,
prostate massage can also make men feel better than they
ever dreamed possible!"

The original Prostate Cradle was created in 2004 as the
world's first patented external prostate massager. "The
Cradle" was introduced as a device for men's health, but
soon after it was introduced, Enviromax customers began
writing in to say they were having the best sex of their lives
while sitting on the Prostate Cradle.

The next model created by Enviromax was the Extra Soft
Prostate Cradle. It is designed for men with sore or tender
prostates. Enviromax's third model, the Prostate Jewel, was
created due to customer demand for a more firm massager.
"The Jewel" has the same anatomically correct shape as the
Cradle, but without the cushioning holes for more
stimulation to the prostate.

Enviromax is very excited about its newest and most
affordable "entry-level" prostate massager called the
Prostate Joy Pillow. The "Joy Pillow" is truly the softest
prostate massager ever invented. "Similar to the Cradle, the
Joy Pillow can be purchased with a built-in vibrator feature
that really helps to get men's prostate motor running!" adds
McVay. All Enviromax massagers are available in different
sizes and colors.

"Men all over the world are discovering the joys of external
prostate massage because it is so easy and accessible. No
oils or towels are required. External prostate massagers
offer both a complement and an alternative to traditional
internal prostate massagers," explains McVay.

Enviromax products have been praised by Medical Doctors,
urologists, and Licensed Massage Therapists. The Prostate
Cradle has been featured in Muscle & Fitness magazine, as
well as two popular books, "Healthy Prostate" by Ronald
Bazar, and "The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure" by
Charlie Glickman, PhD.

External prostate massagers are for adult men, ages 18 to
80+ years old, who want to maintain their physical health and
improve their love-life. This includes men who are familiar
with prostate massage, and men who may have been turned
off in the past by traditional internal prostate massagers.