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Strengthen Your Prostate Muscle & Reflexes
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Making Prostates Stronger For Over A Decade!
Ancient  texts refer to the prostate as a source
of Kundalini or core energy, and the essence of
the male spirit. More recently, this area has been
referred to as the male G-spot, or P-spot, K-spot...
However it's described, the prostate is a central
area for the body's vessels, muscles and glands.

The prostate creates super concentrated vital-life
fluid, requiring days to produce. The older you are,
the longer it takes. Older men can benefit the most
from "prostate milking" or massaging the prostrate
gland until prostate fluid leaks from the tip of the
urethra. Massage causes the prostate to slightly
expand. This rinses the passageways of harmful
particles which may build up over time.

"All medicines should be
prescribed with massage."
- Hippocrates,
father of western medicine

Almost everyone knows someone with prostate
issues. That is because most men are expected to
have a prostate issue at some time in their life, but
prostate massage can help. The prostate is a gland
and a muscle. It can be strengthened over time.
Think of how weight-lifters build their muscles --
Now you are getting the idea! Fortunately, the
prostate happens to be one of the greatest areas
of inspiration, so a preventative massage can also
feel really good! A ten to twenty minute massage,
at least once a month, and as often as once a day
is important for a healthy functioning prostate.

Traditional prostate massage involves rectum
insertion. This can be a turn-off for a lot of guys.
The prostate has been associated with the rectum
for millennium, but the Cradle changes all that!  
The Cradle offers men an easier way to massage
their prostate, by externally stimulating a secret
acupressure point about an inch in front of the
rectum. This area is called the Male G-Spot. You
can now conduct a full prostate massage while
simply sitting or reclining in a chair. The Cradle is
discrete, no one can tell when you are using it.
And it even works over light clothing.

"The Cradle is easier to use
so it's used more often..."- M.G.

Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) and other groin area
issues including hemorrhoids, can be reduced by
the simple act of stimulating certain points, while at
the same time avoiding others. The Cradle is not
like sitting on a bicycle seat! The Cradle avoids
sensitive areas around the male perineum.

The prostate area is considered taboo, so travel
slowly. During the
First Phase of massage, the
lower pelvic muscles slowly begin to relax. The
prostate responds by slightly expanding, with
practice you can feel this happening. During the
Second Phase the prostate begins to feel really
good. A tingling sensation may come and go.
Healthy prostates may experience waves of
sensation, filling the lower body with good feeling,
then traveling all the way up the spine!

Healthy prostates can benefit from massage as
a form of prevention. The Cradle helps to increase
circulation while building muscles and reflexes.
For example,
Kegel muscle exercises can be used
during prostate massage to strengthen the pelvic
floor muscles. These are used to hold back urine.
You can imagine how important it is for older men
to keep these muscles tuned-up!

As a bonus, the Cradle can be used to arouse,
heighten and prolong sensual adventures lasting
indefinitely!  Building stronger muscles and
reflexes is one of the best ways to improve control
and endurance. This can help even the sensual
playing field between partners!

Men, if you haven't discovered your prostate yet,
you are overlooking a very important muscle!
If you are already familiar with prostate massage,
then you're going to enjoy the ease and simplicity
of using the
Prostate CradleTM.

"The Cradle offers patient travelers
higher levels of health and
from ordinary