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- Muscle & Fitness Magazine

"A Next Generation Prostate Massager!"
- Xbiz Magazine Review

“Amazing Invention. Five out of Five stars.”
- AVN Magazine Review

"An excellent solution for prostate health."
- Dr. Ann Hupe, D.O.

"The massager performs very well and
I will certainly recommend it to patients."

- Dr. Hans Schulz

"A wonderful invention that does
prostate massage for you just by sitting.
Highly acclaimed, you will find this
device a natural, safe and easy way to
get the benefits of prostate massage."

- Ronald M. Bazar, educator, author of
"Healthy Prostate The Extensive Guide"

"Don't let anal phobia stop you:
Try the Prostate Cradle!"

- Charlie Glickman, educator, author of
"The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure"


“i love it!” -- M.P.

“I got relief” -- J.A.

“Urinary flow is better.” – D.G.

“Highly versatile.” -- T.M.

"This is fun!!" -- C.M.

“Works like a dream.” -- T.D.

“Wish I found it sooner.” -- C.D.

“Prostate massage just got easier!” -- K.B.

"Greatest invention ever that I can think of."
-- J.M.

“Interesting concept, well made.” -- A.B.

“Great for therapeutic use and pleasure.” - P.I.

"I couldn't believe it sensitized my prostate
making it much more responsive." -- CM

"Fantastic product! Thank you so much!" -- C.V.

“This is a great product, and I would definitely
recommend it.” -- I.R.


"Excellent product, well constructed."


"A thing of beauty." -- F.C.

“Words cannot express, you can only
experience it.”
-- T.M.

”The Cradle is easier to use, so I use it
more often.”-- M.G.

“Just buy it. You won’t regret it!” -- T.S.

"Works beyond expectations. A++++" -- S.P.

"It's working...i feel more relaxed. Thank you!"
-- S.K.

"Give this a try if you are hesitant to have your
backside penetrated by an internal device."
-- D.I.

“The exquisite pleasure it brings makes me
a regular user, and as such I haven’t had any
painful bouts of prostate congestion for over
three years now.”
-- P.R.

"I bought the Cradle based on my doctor's
recommendation that I find some way of
getting a periodic prostate message. It
seems to work." -- W.K.

"The Cradle is an extraordinary device... the
effect for me is remarkable! I've been using
it for a few months, and would not now be
without it." - M.G.

"Hey! It works! Get this one. Before you do,
though, learn as much as you can about how
to use it - a) Its effects when oriented with
pointy end toward the scrotum and vice versa;
b) how to effectively attach a vibrating device;
how often to use for therapeutic effects,
and how often it is used causes significant
pleasurable effects and what these are.
This is a Great, Super product." -- A.W.

"I enjoy prostate play generally, and this did
not disappoint. It does, however, take some
trial and error to get the right position and
sitting surface. I couldn't stay hands free
on this for too long and perhaps ended the
session too soon, but you can milk the
prostate with this and feel as if you had
multiple O's. I was pleasantly surprised."
-- H.R.

"5 out of 5 stars.  I have had this product
about two weeks and find that it positively
stimulates the prostate and surrounding area.
I feel safe with it, and feel that it adds to my
health." -- M.W.

"I've got to tell you that I just bought the
Prostate Cradle and believe that it is the
greatest invention I can think of! I have
been sitting here having waves of O's...
I have to believe that when the secret gets
out, practically every man will own one.
The unbelievable part is that it is non-
invasive, and only requires proper
placement and a little movement. I must
admit to being skeptical at first, but I
can attest to the fact that it  is absolutely
amazing. This secret needs to get out
to all men!"
-- J.M.
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